who are we

What's it all about? PURE ENJOYMENT!!!
Does your child show a natural talent for entertainment or do they need some encouragement to "come out of their shell"?

At P.S.S.A. we welcome everyone. Our training has a wide range of benefits for a variety of students. We not only provide professional performing arts training, but also a safe and controlled environment in which youngsters can develop their imagination, social awareness and self-confidence.

Some students who train with us are highly talented and ambitious. Others simply enjoy the fun and excitement of the lessons. Either way, with encouragement, guidance and support we help our students grow, and further their individual talent.


The Pop school and Stage Academy was developed and founded by sister's Mia and Laura. Through 15 years of teaching experience, and taking account of what they felt children want and need, they believe they have created a formula for the sessions which is unlike any other children's Saturday school or part time training. With terms dedicated to technique, and terms dedicated to performance and shows, the sessions are very relaxed and fun, yet with a stress on personal attitude and discipline, the children enjoy working together with a focus to reach a result they feel extremely proud of... they really do feel that they are part of something special!!


What our students learn with us also benefits their everyday lives.

  • Through dance, physical co-ordination and fitness are improved. Through drama, fluency of speech is improved.
  • Through singing, an appreciation of a variety of musical styles is achieved. Through working together, important social skills are developed.
  • Through group appraisals, students learn to give and take constructive criticism
  • With the encouragement to work in front of an audience, confidence grows.

We believe that all of this is invaluable to any youngster's development.

what makes us different

The P.S.S.A. incorportes two schools under one roof. The Stage Academy teaches Dance, Drama and Singing, and the Pop School offers vocal coaching, teaches song writing, studio/microphone technique and performance.

We believe that it is very important for the children to put into practice what they learn with us. Therefore all our students get the chance to shine in front of their families and friends at the end of term shows in a local theatre with costumes, make-up and lights etc.it's the highlight of the year they ALL LOVE IT!!!!

In addition there is occasionaly a celebrity guest workshop hosted by an industry professional. The workshops give students the chance to talk to a range of experienced professionals including actors, producers and singers, and listen to their advice first-hand. It is also a little something extra and exciting to look forward to.


about video
PSSA - Laura & Mia

Sisters Mia and Laura Bird, brought up in Stone Staffordshire always loved to sing, dance and perform from a young age, and with very supportive parents, had a childhood full of piano lessons, singing lessons, dance lessons, drama exams and plenty of amateur shows.

After school years, they both attended the Arts Educational School in Chiswick and graduated from the 3 year course with diplomas. Mia went onto to work in West End Musicals and TV, and Laura gained a record deal from Mercury Records with girl band "KickAngel". Since graduating from college the girls had also always taught singing, dance or drama at different schools around London. In November 2003 they decided that with their experience of the music and musical theatre industries, and their years of teaching they wanted to open their own school. The Pop School and Stage Academy was born.

"What we have learnt is invaluable. We want to give P.S.S.A. students the chance to gain the knowledge that we didn't have before we started working professionally. You have to know how it works "out there" to be a good teacher. We are very excited about the prospect for The Pop School and Stage Academy in the future. We have created a formula for the classes which keeps each term exciting and fresh. With some terms dedicated to teaching techniques and other terms working towards a big show in a theatre- the kids just love it!"