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The Little Stage Academy is a unique class designed to teach our younger members dance, drama, singing and musical theatre all in one motivating and exciting session, all under one roof! Syllabus class work can sometimes be restrictive; instead, our classes are open and eclectic. We allow our ‘Little Luvvies’ to be individuals within class time by encouraging them to express themselves and release their inhibitions through the performing arts. As we know, no two children are the same and so we believe that by allowing them to be individuals, but guiding them at the same time, they will thrive and reach their full potential. These are important years of any child’s life and we are here to help them gain the benefits of all these skills in one!!


Ages range from toddlers to ten years depending on the branch. Session times run from 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the child’s age. We allocate these time slots in order to maximize a child’s concentration and enthusiasm. Within this time slot we divide the time between drama, dance and movement, singing and performance. We find that presenting the children with these different styles of performing arts throughout the class, is a dynamic way to keep them motivated and thoroughly entertained. We also allow for a little snack or a ‘chill time’ in order for them to regain focus if needed. Please see our different branch class listings for more details.

In addition some branches use Makaton signing in our classes which is a great way for children to express themselves during song and prose. This also enables children with learning and communication difficulties feel at ease within the class.

little luvvies drama

In this part of the session the children learn theatrical skills such as stage direction and special awareness. They also practice improvisation work through drama games, work on basic scripts and poetry, and practice fluency of speech and line learning (even if the child is not able to read at this stage). Through working together in drama the children develop important social skills, and through group appraisals they learn to give and take constructive criticism. This helps in confidence building which the teachers work closely with them on. We also have a dressing up box where the children get the chance to get into character, kick start their imagination and role-play until their hearts content.

little luvvies drama

Children learn to express themselves through movement and during this part of the Little Stage Academy weekly sessions, the children learn and enjoy different dance styles. Some weeks they will put moves to songs they are learning and other weeks they will learn funky moves to a street jazz routine. When they dance along to their favourite pop songs or show tunes, through cleverly constructed and fun choreography, the children don’t even realize that they are gaining the knowledge of basic dance steps and techniques, and that their physical co-ordination and fitness is improving. We use lyrical choreography at first, followed by routines where they count to the music… then the sky’s the limit!

little luvvies singing

This part of the class is where the children show off their vocal and musical talents. In addition to vocal warm ups they are taught various pop and show songs and are introduced to basic music theory. They can also utilize an instrument from the Little Stage Academy ‘box of percussion’ to accompany them. Through singing the students learn to appreciate a variety of musical styles and vocal expression. It can be very loud, but for most of the children this is their favourite part of the session!

little luvvies shows

Each week the Little Stage Academy will be presented with something new to learn, however there may be times when they will be working towards their performance for a showcase. Showcases are presented at the end of each term. This gives the children the benefit and experience of performance. Once a year, the Little Stage Academy also get the chance to perform on the BIG STAGE!! Either with their own exclusive performance or as part of The Pop School and Stage Academy's main shows.

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