PSSA - Pop School, Stage Academy, Drama Lessons and Kid's Dance School

Our Stage Academy prides itself on offering the most exciting and up to date performance training for 7 to 18 year-olds.

Students are split into age groups to rotate around different classes - Dance, Drama, Singing and Musical Theatre Performance.

Each age group rotates around the three classes, spending 40 minutes on each discipline before joining together as one big cast to work towards a Musical Theatre Production. We believe offering all these skills under one roof allows students to gain the best all round performance training which covers all aspects of theatre, TV and film.


PSSA focuses on each child's strengths, there is something for everyone. We choose young, enthusiastic and highly professional teachers, who encourage creativity and interaction with the children to develop social awareness, confidence and unveil the student's full artistic potential. Our teachers are hand picked and have worked, and are still working out there in the profession. We believe you have to have worked in the business to teach it! Through our training we have had a high success rate of students graduating into full time performing arts education and subsequent professional theatre and television work. On the other end of the scale we have an large amount of students who merely attend for their personal enjoyment or confidence. We take a huge amount of pride in the results we achieve with them, and the effect it will have for the rest of their lives.


Patrons and supporters of PSSA include T.V. and Theatre celebrities who frequently attend sessions when time allows, to give workshops and advice to the students. Laura and Mia have worked extensively in the business, and are lucky enough to have made their own contacts within the music, film, theatre and television industries. We have strong contacts within BBC casting agents directors etc and after collaborating with the Disney Corporation not only did our principle roles from our last production "High School Musical" get to meet and chat with the American cast of High School Musical the movie, they were also photographed in national media and TV...including their photo in OK magazine! We have one 16 yr old girl currently in major castings for Hollywood films and many other children have had castings for Disney channel programmes. These are just a few of the events that have occurred recently, it's exactly these such things that we would like you benefit from.


At PSSA we place the emphasis on performance and our professionally staged productions in local theatres are the highlight of our calendar. We believe this gives our students a chance to shine in front of family and friends whilst putting in to practise all the skills they learnt in class. Performing on the big stage equips our students with skills and confidence not just for the theatre but to take with them for life. It is a great chance for them to understand the art and discipline of performance as well as a great way for us to recognise their individual progression, and also provides a good opportunity to invite agents and casting directors to "talent-spot".


Over the years we have made extremely reputable contacts in mainstream music television and film. We will be training the children up for the agency and will send the chosen students to castings as soon as we feel they are ready.

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