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Yasmin Mwanza from PSSA Chiswick has just landed a principle role in a film called 'Leave to Remain' 

Yasmin has been a member of PSSA since 2006 and we are very proud of how much she has acheived within this time. 

Yasmin originally played a principle role in PSSA's version of High School Musical and was lucky enough to be one of the cast invited by Disney to do press calls in the UK with the stars of the movie. She is pictured on our Disney page with Zak effron, Venessa Hudgens and the part she played in the show Taylor McKessie's Monique Coleman. 

Now she lands her first movie role and we are delighted for her. She films for a month and we wish her the best and cant wait to see her on the big screen!!

Well done to Roe Brooks - another job for PSSA under the belt :-)