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About PSSA Stone

Since the concept of PSSA was introduced to our Studio in 2008 it has created a vibrant and effervescent atmosphere to the whole place with its modern in house branding. Our purpose built studio provides an environment which helps to encourage the students to study their chosen art and many of them attend every night of the week regarding it as a second home. This relationship with their environment I feel is so important as it reinforces the student's attitudes, regarding application and commitment.

Our ongoing commitment to provide hand picked highly qualified teachers who have and still are working in the profession is paramount. The knowledge, enthusiasm and wealth of ideas and information that they convey to the students week by week is a joy to witness. In fact in Stone it is not just the students but the teachers who say they can't wait for Saturdays! because they have such an affinity with the school.

Our students at PSSA are encouraged during their sessions to progress both as an individual and on a group basis. Fun, companionship and hard work are all ingredients that provide assistance to the development of young people whether they are serious about applying themselves to enter into the arts or whether they use the confidence building as a stepping stone to their own career path.

The performance opportunities of the school are testament to the belief in the PSSA product when our students toddlers-18yrs are able to platform their talents in front of a full audience. When the show is rehearsed and the costumes and make up applied then the buzz and excitement of showtime at PSSA in Stone is like no other feeling in the world for students and teachers alike.

"Witnessing students achieve professional status gives me great pleasure but no more than seeing a child grow in confidence through the character building workshops of drama singing and dance which enables the child to 'walk tall' in any walk of life" ... Elaine Bird

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