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Dear     Parent/Guardian,


Please find below information and dates for your diaries of future events and this year’s term dates.


PSSA term dates 2011






We feel very privileged and honoured to have been asked to perform at several local events in the town and surrounding districts this year due to our growing reputation of nurturing some very talented youngsters. Please find the dates below and let us know as soon as possible if your child is not able to support us in that event. We want to show a united front with as many students as we can, so please, please make every effort to get your child there if it is at all possible.


Royal Wedding Friday April 29th          


We have been asked to perform in the town centre along with several other acts. Our program is planned for PSSA students to sing and dance in four or five numbers, Little Luvvies one number and Stagecraft’s ‘Fli High’ hip hop crew will entertain for approximately 10minutes culminating in a 30minute set. This set will be staged at 3pm and then repeated at 4.30pm. Please arrive at the studio at 1.30pm for a rehearsal before we go down, and students can be collected from the studio at just after 5pm when we should be finished. If you collect your child straight from the event in town please make sure you have informed a teacher or myself. Please, Please try to make this event!


Stone Music and Arts Festival Saturday 29th May


As we are soon to start rehearsing for our forthcoming annual show and need all available rehearsal time the program for this event will be pretty much the same as the Royal Wedding event. The time slots have not as yet been set for this event but we have been asked to perform one slot in the afternoon and one in the evening  (we are hoping that the evening slot will be early as requested)


Yarnfield Village Fete Saturday 4th June


The whole of Yarnfield village and the fete committee were so impressed with our performance last year that they asked straight away if we would be able to perform again this year. Once again we will perform for 30minutes at around 3pm  (this is half term and so we do not have a PSSA or Little Luvvies session on that day)


Eccleshall Show Saturday 3rd September


As PSSA will not have started back to normal sessions on this date the Fli High Crew with a couple of duets and solos from it’s PSSA participating members will perform. Times and details yet to be confirmed.


Beauty and the Beast week commencing Sunday 13th November


The date is set, the license has been granted, the theatre has been booked for us to perform the Disney version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’. This version is only available for one year and we have been lucky enough to have been granted this license. We are hoping to make this show a real spectacle and we will perform it on the above week at the newly refurbished Mitchell `memorial Theatre, Stoke on Trent. We hope you are as excited as we are!!


Please study the above dates carefully and inform us by letter or email as soon as possible if your child cannot attend any  The uniform for all the the above events (apart from Beauty and the Beast of course) will be Little Luvvies /PSSA Tshirts PLAIN black leggings or trousers, black socks and shoes.


Many thanks in anticipation of your support









Saturday May 14th 2011



Dear Parent/Guardian,


Our forthcoming production of Beauty and the Beast is now cast and myself the teachers and students alike are already excited about the show which will be held at the newly refurbished Mitchell Arts Centre, Hanley week commencing 13th November this year. This production is set to be the most extravagant we have staged to date. The costumes which already look amazing, are being created by our new wardrobe mistress Nikki Clare and for the first time we are hoping to work with a full stage set and all this in a brand new auditorium – we can’t wait!! Please! please! please! put this date in your diaries now as we will require a 100% absolute commitment from all students on the show week, and if you know that your child will not be available during that week we need to be made aware now. We also need to know in advance if you are away on any Saturday in case we need to adjust the rehearsal schedule accordingly.


The rehearsal schedule we are running will not be in the same format as in previous years as we will hand out in advance for the weeks ahead maybe two/ three or four weeks at a time. Could you please look at them carefully to make sure you know when your child is required. We have two casts this year and instead of, as in previous years, we have had an older cast and a younger cast, we have opted this time for two mixed casts of mixed ages. We have cast ‘BELLE’ and cast ‘BEAUTY’ your child should now know which cast they are in and if not please ask. In order to swell the company scenes we have also asked if any students would like to be in both casts taking on chorus members roles in the alternative cast. Most of the students have opted to do this but we must stress that it is not compulsory and totally voluntary! – however once they have made the commitment we will require them to attend both sessions when required –please refer to schedule. We will attempt to make the schedules as easy to follow as possible but your child needs to check which musical numbers they are a part of and which scenes they are in. The students were all given their scripts last week and as these are not cheap to produce let alone the painstaking hours of copying we would ask that they be kept in a safe place and preferably in a folder along with a pencil allowing your child to make notes – there are no replacement copies! There will be weeks even if your child is not a part of both casts when they will be required all day because these are the days we will set the company numbers and instead of teaching it twice morning and afternoon we will have both casts in to learn together. I apologise if this is a lot of information to take in but I want everything to be clear from the outset.


SATURDAY 28TH MAY is on the rehearsal schedule you have received today and this is also the date that the students appear twice at the Stone Music and Arts Festival 2.45pm and 5.45pm and therefore we will take the students down to the stage from the studio and then bring them back to carry on rehearsals until their next session at 5.45pm. Your child can then be collected from the studio at around 6.15pm PLEASE remember that they will need to wear their PSSA T-Shirts  We hope to see lots of you there cheering us on, though because of our Beauty and the Beast rehearsals the format of the event will pretty much be the same as the Royal Wedding.


Please feel free to ask if any of the above causes any problems we are attempting to set the whole of the first act before we break for the summer and therefore as the schedule is tight please make sure your child is ON TIME or even earlier so that the rehearsal commences at the set time - it is so frustrating when students are lat!. Busy times but the end result will be so worthwhile –we promise!.


Many thanks in anticipation of your co-operation


Elaine x






Block “Belle” (including scenes after)





Rehearse “Belle” with Rob


Scenes 1-4 with Nick


“No Matter What” and “Me” with Kit






Lauren, Roxy, Harry Becky and Annie 




Run Section 1 (without No Matter What)

-Prologue/Belle/Wolf Chase/1st Castle
















Block “Me”


“Beauty and the Beast” – Kit

“Be Our Guest” (Solo sections)




Lauren, Annie and Becky


Thea and Grace

Daniel, Emily, Grace and Thea





Block “Gaston” (including scenes after) and “Gaston Reprise”








Kit with Belle to learn – “Home”, “Something There” and “A Change in Me”