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About PSSA Chiswick

Established in 2001, PSSA & Little Stage Academy Chiswick prides itself on providing a supportive and friendly environment where children can really be themselves and feel supported to jump up and give anything a go!

We think of ourselves as one big (and slightly crazy) family - whether students hope to pursue careers in performing arts, build confidence or simply have fun, every child is important and we aim to provide something for everyone. It’s not uncommon for students to join us aged 3 and not leave until they move to University and simply cannot make it back each week.

Our teachers are hand-picked to ensure they provide the perfect balance of passion, enthusiasm and experience. Students are pushed to tackle everything from Rihanna’s latest hit to Sondheim classics, hip hop routines to drama scenes direct from the latest film ensuring we give the most all round and current training you will find.

The result is an exhilarating weekly timetable bursting with energy, children racing to get in to class... and teachers who look forwards to class as much as the students!

The highlight of our calendar is definitely show time when we stage a musical in a major theatre. Getting in to costume and make up and standing under the lights is when we really see the children come in to their own and can sit back and applaud their hard work and progress. Unlike many schools we produce separate Junior and Senior productions so that every child gets their glory moment and a chance to shine on the big stage!

Amelia x