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About PSSA Clapham

Since taking over the Clapham branch in 2011, Amelia has developed the Clapham & Wandsworth school into a thriving hub of the community. As Principal of the Chiswick branch Amelia has a wealth of experience creating inspiring classes and workshops to  nurture young talent as well as producing exciting PSSA performances and guest workshops.

Her team of passionate, experienced teachers offer a wealth of show biz exoerience on stage and screen enabling them to offer the most up to date fun filled, challenging, uplifting and inspirational classes. 

Encompassing dance, drama and singing under one roof, PSSA training is wholly different from the staid, generic style of bigger more impersonal theatre schools. This allows us to bring out the best in the children and nurture individual talents in a safe, happy environment. Particularly at show time we ensure all children are given their opportunity the shine on the big stage.

We like to ensure everyone leaves with a smile each Saturday, and is itching to get back to us every week!

A place to make new friends and develop lifelong skills, we hope we have created the perfect place to boost children's confidence, creativity and most importantly.... have a great time.