Summer Term means one thing at PSSA & Little Stage Academy……. iiiiiiiit’s showtime!

Show rehearsals quickly progress to technical rehearsals, costume fittings and dress rehearsals in a local working theatre. We are lucky enough to work in conjuction with Arts Educational School, Lambeth College and Ark Putney to offer stage of the art performance venues.
Students work with our Stage Managers, Lighting and Sound Technicians as they gain firsthand experience of life in the theatre. Costumes, Scenery, props, radio mics and lighting add the magic touches to our productions and are all provided at no extra cost.

Show time really is the highlight of our year.
The feeling of excitement and adrenalin backstage and sense of pride after a performance are memories we all have from our childhood and professional lives and we love watching our students grow through these opportunities not just as performers but also as young people building skills not just for the theatre but for life.

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